City tour of Althofen

The ancient hilltop settlement

Guided tour of art history highlights from Gothic to historicism Althofen perched on the ridge and overlooking the country! In the historical core you will find wonderful examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Not least because of the great inventor, baron and philanthropist Carl Auer von Welsbach, to whom we owe the Cereisen in the lighter and the Osram brand, Althofen and the local Auer-Welsbach Museum are among the major attractions in Carinthia. We look forward to showing you Althofen.

For groups of more than 20 people only after pre-announcement 2 days in advance and available free capacity!


11.30 am meeting point in front of the Auer-von-Welsbach Museum, Burgstraße 8, 9300 Althofen

Duration: about 1.5 hours

Dates: every Friday from April 12th to October 18th

Price: € 10.00 per person

Registration and information: no registration required, Tourismusregion Mittelkärnten, +43/4212 45608,

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