Schiefling Lido

Schiefling Lido is on the south shore of Lake Wörthersee, in the village of Auen.

Your advantage with the Wörthersee PLUS Card

If you stay 3 or more nights, Wörthersee PLUS Card holders get one free entrance to one of the participating bathing beaches. Additonal services, such as the rental of sunbeds or umbrellas, are not included in the free entrance and will be charged.

Bathing with a wellness factor – Kneipp therapy for all ages

If you haven't heard of me, my name is Marie and I will tell you what you should experience at the Wörthersee.

Don't you think a Kneipp stream makes an exciting change from a normal day's swimming such as you can enjoy throughout the summer?

So as well as swimming, today I also decided to try Kneipp therapy for once. As soon as I got here, I unpacked my swimming things and went over to the little stream that flows into the lake at the edge of this area. 

“That's cold!”, I thought as I dipped my first foot into the water. The other foot followed slowly. A lady recommended that I “walk” in the stream, in other words take my feet right out of the water each time as I moved along. Once you feel a sensation of cold, you are supposed to take a short break and only then continue the process again. 

And it is not only a super way of cooling off on hot days, but also promotes the blood flow and circulation, and eases migraines. So that was definitely not the last time I will ever try Kneipp therapy. 

Kneipp is an excellent form of recreation after a day's hiking or cycling in particular, for example to the Trattnig Pond or Lake Penkensee.

“Nature is the best pharmacist.”

Sebastian Kneipp

Are you curious as to where my journey continues? I'll tell you: #45 Step by step through the moor – a journey of discovery for nature lovers 

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