The Promenadenbad lido Pörtschach

The Promenadenbad lido is at the end of the Blumenpromenade and can only be reached on foot.

A island swim – once around the Schlangeninsel

If you haven't heard of me, my name is Marie and I will tell you what you should experience at the Wörthersee.

First of all, I want to take away any fears you may have – no, the Schlangeninsel (“snake island”) does not have any snakes, and only gets its name from the fact that it is snake-shaped. So you can venture into the water without any worries.

Well, I was immediately thrilled at the idea of taking part in the island swim, and waited feverishly for it for several days. Finally today the time had come. I was given a number and off I went into the cool water. I planned to do it in 40 minutes. 

Your advantage with the Wörthersee PLUS Card

If you stay 3 or more nights, Wörthersee PLUS Card holders get one free entrance to one of the participating bathing beaches. Additonal services, such as the rental of sunbeds or umbrellas, are not included in the free entrance and will be charged.

The safety arrangements were excellent, because we were surrounded by boats, kayaks and stand up paddling boards from the Austrian lifeguards association. Ultimately, I have to admit it was quite taxing, but I managed a time of 55 minutes and was really proud of myself. I was even given a certificate!

Maybe we can meet at the next “round the island swim”? And if you are sporty in other ways too, the lido has plenty more to offer, such as sailing courses, stand up paddle boarding, yoga and even fitness programmes. So no one can get bored here.

So, I'm still in the water, because on a hot summer's day it's the best way of cooling off!

“Water is the origin of all things; because water is everything and everything returns to water.”

Thales of Miletus

See you soon at the Werzer Strandcasino. #56 Listening to traditional Carinthian songs 

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